Account Admin Tutorial

ClassWeb is in the process of being upgraded to a new look and feel that incorporates the latest web site technologies. This includes significant use of style sheets and JavaScript to make the web pages more interactive, load and run faster, and support different sized devices (from desktop computers to tablets and cell phones).

The current production version of ClassWeb is 3.1. The new system is ClassWeb 4. At this time, all of the menus and help pages have been converted to the new look and feel, and the MARC database portions of the system are in the process of being converted. The Account Management System is the first major component to be completed with the aim of getting feedback from ClassWeb administrators on the new design. This is your opportunity to be heard about features you would like improved, added or removed. This can include how menus are structured, how the screens are designed and how the software runs your everyday tasks. Please let us know what you think.

Patricia Hayward is coordinating the feedback effort. She can be emailed at

This brief guide provides annotated screen shots to help familiarize you with how to use the new features of the softare. The Firefox web browser was used to create these screen shots, so the top of each image will look slightly different from what you will see on your computer.

IMPORTANT: The ClassWeb 4 test system uses the same "live" production databases as the regular version of ClassWeb. Any and all changes you make to your account settings (including subscription renewal) will modify the production system and will be reflected there as well. Also, the two systems share the same session manager so that once you are logged into one system, you will be logged into both without using up extra sessions.

During the test period the main menu of ClassWeb 4 can be accessed at the following URL:

The next section describes how to access the account management features of the new system.

ClassWeb Main Menu
Most ClassWeb activity starts at the Main Menu which is located here:

The menu looks like this (note the annotations in red):

The main points of interest on this screen are:

Navigation menu
The navigation menu is a drop-down list of common links to help you navigate ClassWeb.
Window title
Clicking on the window title will always take you back one level in the menu system.
Menu choices
These are your main menu choices.
Other places
Links to other menus and alternate versions of the Classification Browser.
Help links
Additional information to help you use ClassWeb.

Navigation Menu
In the upper-left corner of the screen is an icon depicting three horizontal bars. This is popularly called the "hamburger" menu because it looks like a hamburger and bun. This is the ClassWeb Navigation Menu. When you click on the icon, a drop-down menu is displayed that contains different options depending on what part of ClassWeb you are using. In this case, the drop-down menu contains the following choices:

The first four choices are short cuts to major areas of ClassWeb. The next four items are:

Manage your ClassWeb account.
Open help in a separate window or tab.
Sign out
How to log out of ClassWeb.

Account Settings
Using the ClassWeb navigation menu, click on the Settings link and log in using your administrative password. This will bring you to the ClassWeb Settings Menu.

The choices are:

Account Settings
Change your account preferences (the focus of this tutorial).
Usage Statistics
Reports on ClassWeb usage by your account.
Session Information
Displays details about your current network connection.

Click on the Account Settings link to display and modify your account information.

The main things to notice about this screen is that your account information has been organized into a set of tabs containing related fields. The first tab contains instructions. Your subscription information has been consolidated on the Subscription tab. Remember to save any changes you make to your account information using the Save button in the upper-right corner of the Settings after you have finished with all of the tabs.

Renewing a Subscription
The quickest and safest way to renew your ClassWeb subscription is with our online payment options. In addition to payment with credit and debit card, ClassWeb 4 adds the option to pay via PayPal or Amazon Pay.

Here is an example of an account that is eligible for renewal because there are less than ninety days left in the subscription:

REMINDER: If you made any changes to your account, save your changes by clicking on the Save button before renewing your subscrption.

To start the renewal process, click on the Renew subscription button. It will return a screen something like this:

This page gives you the opportunity to choose the subscription level for the renewal year. Click on View Order to confirm your choices.

If the renewall information is correct, click on the Proceed to payment page button. This will forward you to the U.S. Treasury Department's web site to complete your payment.

If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, the display will look like this:

On a tablet or phone, the display will look more like this:

Whether you complete your transaction or cancel out of, you will be returned to ClassWeb. Upon a successful renewal, remember to print or save a copy of the ClassWeb receipt page.